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Sunset Lake (13 Pegs) 

Sunset lake has been completely reconstructed and is now a Silverfish Lake. The Lake has a Large head of Quality Silver Fish, Bream up to 4lb, Roach to 2lb, Ide to 3lb, Chub to 2lb,
Perch to 3lb  and also a good stock of medium
sized Tench, Crucian Carp and Barbel. 

Willow lake (18 Pegs) newly opened July 2019

Willow lake has basically been started from scratch. It has a large head of Small carp, F1s, Crucian Carp and Goldfish. It is an ideal lake for match fishing if you like lots of bites. 

Hurricane Lake (18 Pegs) and Tornado Lake (18 pegs)

Newly constructed in January 2018 are our Flag Ship match lakes, They Can be booked individually with 18 pegs or as a whole lake with 36 pegs. Both Lakes are exactly the same and both Lakes have the same amount of Fish stocks in each Lake. There is a small split in the middle breaking them up in to two lakes. There is a large head of Carp up to shy of 20lb, with the average size of about 5lb. There is also a good head of F1's and Barbel.

For more information about each lake just use our scroll down menu and pick the lake you would like more info about.

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